Hi, I’m Dani B.

I'll be your learning coach

Don't let my young looks fool you. I have loved and been involved with cannabis since the age of 12 (yes, my parents cringe). I have worked with cannabis as my main job for the last 5 years. I hold a BS from University of Memphis and a master's degree in Health and Human Performance from MTSU.

My travels around the globe have given me the opportunity to study the plant for many years. Top cannabis producers have also taught me what they know about the plant. Currently, I own and manage two cannabis businesses. A hemp business and a medical cannabis business.

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Is it useful if you’ve never worked with Cannabis?

These courses are highly recommended!! The bulk of the information in the courses are applicable to anyone. 

What’s the format?

At Elevated Learning University, our mini courses are the perfect way for you to start your canna journey. Courses are 2.5 hours of pre- recorded learning paired with interactive projects and a quiz that the end of each lesson. Each module comes with a bonus learning section to enhance your elevation of learning

With the goal of constantly updating and elevating your cannabis knowledge, we will continue to offer more cannabis education. Become part of our community of knowledge and growth.

Do you have different payment options? 

Payment plans are available under the price section of each course.

Will I have to do everything alone?

Nope! Our community is filled with highly educated and friendly canna lovers who are eager to share their wisdom & help you become your best elevated self. Got specific canna questions? Want to share your favorite extraction hacks? Have high tales with a famous person? ... please be Snoop

Get your ass in our Facebook group, The Elevated Learning Group... you will gain access once you purchase a course.

Will I have lifetime access to the course?

Now access to the course will be available 12 months after completion of the course.

You will have access to Elevated Community forever! And furthermore, as we build this community you will access to a network of people who you can always draw inspiration from. This community was built to be used for the rest of your life so it’ll grow with you as you grow your net worth. 

Will other people be able to see me taking the course?

No! All your information is privileged! We are not promoting the breaking of any laws so please research them before starting your cannabis journey.

Now, I can't promise no one will see if…. You decide to partake in the comment section! The comments are fire. 10/10 recommend socializing with your classmates there (and asking questions.)

Does it actually work?

If you do your homework, yes.