Step by step guide to understanding cannabis extracts

Message from the Founder !

What is Cannabis Extraction?

In the process of cannabis concentrate extraction, Cannabinoid-rich trichomes are removed from the plant material, creating a substance that can be converted into concentrates with different physical and chemical characteristics. 

Who is this course for?

This class is for elevated learners who believes that as cannabis is becoming more and more mainstream, alternative forms of consumption will be taking over. Gone are the days where flower is king. Processing cannabis is still a part of the supply chain that is not yet saturated. Learn great skills and also how to grow in this sector of the industry.

This course is for the new cannabis enthusiast to the knowledgeable cannabis entrepreneurs who wants to step their extraction game up.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of the different extraction methods
  • Proper tools needed to extract like a pro at home
  • Expansion of home extraction lab into commercial
  • Basic layout of cannabis extraction lab- for home and commercial

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